Vijay Kanabar

Professor at Boston University

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Serving as an associate professor and director at Boston University (BU), you can delve deeper into BU and explore the diverse programs under my purview such as Computer Information Systems (IT PM) and MS Project Management by visiting Boston University.

I was deeply honored to receive the Best Educator award in 2017. You can see more about this recognition here. A heartfelt dedication to all my past and present students.

Warmly inviting you to experience BU and the charm of Boston.

Talking of which read below a 2023 fun fact from Axios Boston ( Solis and Deehan · Oct 13, 2023)

Massachusetts clinched half of this year’s Nobel prizes.

“We believe our three local laureates should be celebrated with a duck boat parade along Mass. Ave., echoing the jubilant “rolling rallies” our sports teams receive on Boylston following their championship victories.”

This year’s notable winners include:

  • Harvard’s Claudia Goldin, who earned the economics prize for her research on women in the workplace.
  • MIT’s Moungi Bawendi, who, as part of a trio, clinched the chemistry award for their groundbreaking work on quantum dots.
  • Lexington’s own Drew Weissman, an alumnus of Boston University, shared an award for his contribution to mRNA vaccine research.