For more than three decades he has taught in USA and Canada as a full-time faculty member, and held responsibilities ranging from being a chair of business computing departments to executive director of programs. Tenured in 1993, Dr. Kanabar has participated in several dozen committees within the university and chaired several of them ranging from college wide online education to learning outcomes and curriculum assessment.

At the university level Dr. Kanabar has served on key task force committees such as the President’s Council on Educational Technology & Learning Innovation (CETLI). This committee was tasked by President Brown to present a strategic report to navigate Boston University in the domain of online and digital learning.  Within CETLI, he chaired a contentious panel on Academic Credit for Online Courses invited Deans (or their representatives) from all seventeen schools and colleges to generate a debate and arrive at a consensus on the issue.

At Boston University, he is located within Metropolitan College, a school celebrating 50 years of professional studies. Here he has taught and directed several concentrations in the Administrative sciences and Computing programs. Dr. Kanabar is passionate about educating mid-career professionals and managers.  He has developed short term exchange programs with distinguished schools.  Quality is important, the online programs he developed are ranked 3rd and 6th by the US News & World Report. Sensing an opportunity to change the world of professional education in the academia, he seized on an opportunity to introduce project management education at the college more than ten years ago. Today it is successful program generating revenues of more than $10 million each year.

Dr. Kanabar has functioned successfully across several departments not only within the college but across the university.

Over the past two decades as a full-time faculty member Dr. Kanabar has been active in curriculum design and development. He has also been requested to visit and audit universities for accreditation purposes several times.