Radio/TV and Newspaper Interviews  

  • Bob Oakes, Morning Edition, WBUR 90.0 FM., Hannaford Credit Card Theft, 3/31/2008
  • Boston Professor Projects Manager Course Success, India New England September 2007. Volume 7. Number 23. 2007.
  • Boston University Receives GAC accreditation, PMI Today. PM NETWORK Supplement, November 2006. Volume 20, Number 11 (interview)
  • Westford Eagle, Community newspapers featured a front-page interview with me on ecommerce. 2/3/2000
  • Boston Herald interview on Hacker steals Credit Cards from online store. Published on 12/18
  • Boston Business Journal: “Data Dilemma: When Computers Crash and Denial of Service Strikes” – article was published on 7/24/2000.
  • World of Ideas WBUR 90.0 FM, 12/12/99. Two hours with Ted O’Brien for a presentation in the World of Ideas segment. Segment was broadcasted on 12/12/99.
  • Wall Street Journal, Importance of Ecommerce Masters, article was published on 12/15/99
  • Boston Business Journal “BU introduces Ecommerce degree” interview was published in December. 3/1999
  • Winnipeg Free Press wrote a dozen weekly articles on technology such as databases.